– Late! This was supposed to go up last Friday, but there was a change of plans. I had originally planned to post the first part of a different sequence, but half way through drawing it I realized that I had got my plot out of order, and this bit needed to come first! So I had to scrap the pages I had already drawn and colored and start over. So I’m late.

– I’ll be at Kumoricon and PAX this weekend.  How? I’l be doing PAX on Saturday as part of the Lets talk about sex (sex in gaming) panel at 8pm, and then at Kumoricon on Sunday and Monday. You’ll find Ben Hsu and I in the Kumoricon artists alley, and we’ll be doing our Dubious Medusa panel at 3:30 pm on Sunday. I think we’ll have a free button and maybe Chocodiles for anyone who comes to the Dubious Medusa panel.