New Yeld stuff! We just released a new expansion called War Hare Ranch. War Hares are the giant bear sized rabbits that the kids in the Yeld game ride around on. The expansion has full rules for mounted combat as well as an egg finding and hatching mini game (War Hares, like Mermaids and Fairies, come from eggs). You can collect over 50 unique War Hares and other mounts and use them in fights. Its pretty fun! You can get the expansion from our store or Patreon, or DrivethruRPG.

After defeating the Mermaid Miss Vanessa and rescuing Mayor Jamms the girls return to Laketown, only to discover that the Mayor has resigned in disgrace and Miss Vanessa might not be the villain after all! It’s time for the girl’s to choose mentors, learn to fish and set off to help a lost kid from our world!

If you haven’t checked out our actual play podcast now is the time! Arcin, Emma and the rest of the cast are telling a great Yeld story in easy to listen to chunks. 5 episodes are now available for free!