– So I bought a cintiq 12wx (this thing) to replace my Yiynova, which hasn’t been really working for the last year. Over the last year I feel like my color work has been suffering for lack of a reliable, quality tool. Everything has either been not up to my standards or way, way more work than it should be. This strip is the first thing I’ve colored using the new cintiq, and even though I’m still early in the process of getting used to the new tool, I can already see a huge difference. Coloring is just so much easier, and I really think the results look better. It may not be super evident on this page, but I think you’ll see an increased quality in my color work over the year. It’s a great tool and I’m really excited to be able to use it.

So the cintiq wasn’t cheap. I got mine used off ebay for a great deal and it was still very expensive. Thank god for you guys and Patreon. The 77 of you who support my work and this comic through Patreon made this purchase possible. I just really wouldn’t have been able to afford the cintiq otherwise. This is a huge deal. The last few months your contributions have helped pay for studio rent, convention travel expenses, art supplies, prescriptions, groceries and all kinds of other stuff. I feel like this month, with this purchase, you’ll see a visible improvement in the quality of the comic. SO that’s your money at work. Thank you all so much!

You can check out my Patreon page here. New patrons are always welcome and very much appreciated. Again, thank you all!

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