Its that time of year! The Modest Medusa Holiday sale is now live! You can check out the sale here.

The sale includes something exciting: The Modest Medusa Season 1 Hardcover! I found a small number of these books hidden away in a box. I thought the Season 1 hardcover book was long sold out, but I have a dozen available for sale. Get them while you can!

The sale includes a bunch of deals. Check this out:
– Modest Medusa Hardcover books: $17 each (regular price $20.00)
– 24 Hour and 48 Hour Modest Medusa books: $10 each (regular price $12.00)
– Season 1-5 11 x 17 inch prints: $8 each (regular price $12.00)
– The Modest Medusa Digital Library: $20
– Resin Miniatures: $5 each (regular price $8.00)
– Original art

Check out the deals while supplies last!