So yeah, Stumptown was great. It was really cool to meet so many of you, to hang out with friends I rarely get to see, to meet a bunch of cool new people and to (of course) eat at so many awesome restaurants!

Here’s some links to some of the cool stuff I picked up (or had given to me) at the con!

Spacetrawler by Chris Baldwin. I loved the first book,a nd Chris was nice enough to trade with me for the 2nd one. He did cool sketches in both. The sketch I did for him was awful. Also, I mispelled his name. “Chirs”. Sigh.

– Another cool shirt from Jenn Manley of Dicebox. I wore my first shirt Dicebox shirt to death until I lost it, and told everyone that I got it when I converted to Islam. Amazingly, NO ONE every doubted the story!

– A tiny (so tiny) little painting from Dylan Meconis of Family Man (I almost typed “Manly Man).

– A big, sexy orgy print by Erika Moen of Bucko. I once got kicked out of a Dairy Queen in Oregon City for reading Erika’s comic DAR.

– I needed a bag so I picked up a really cool blue one with a black screen print on it. I think it was from either  Sara Varon or Jen Tong, but I might be wrong.

– I got a copy  The Intrepid Girl Bot from Diana Nock, who drew a picture of Earth Eater Lad in it. Earth Eater Lad is like Matter Eater Lad, except his power is to eat the entire earth. You know how there used to be an Earth 2 and Earth B and all that stuff? Yeah.

–  A big, fat Plus One book from Dustin Reese, Dustin may be married by the time you read this,s o wish him luck!

– A promo booklet for Artificial Sunrise, an ambitious multi-media space opera project by my friend Josh Winegarner.

– I had seen most of Becky Hawkins new French Toast Comix #8, but I got a copy anyway so I could share it with friends. Plus I got to look through Becky’s amazing sketch book!

– Addam Pool gave me a copy of his super great looking Princess of the Rainbow.  If you were at the con than you saw his awesome banner. It totally stood out!

– I finally got a  copy of Garage Raja, and it’s totally great! I can’t beleive I waited this long to pick it up!

– I bought a copy of Dreamquest from Jason Thompson at Sakuracon, but forgot to pick it up after he did a sketch. He brought it to me at the con, and while i haven’t had a chance to read it yet the art is fantastic! I’m going to save this one till next week when I can really take my time and enjoy it.

– I’ve been a huge fan of Usagi Yojimbo for most of my life. The first time I met Stan Sakai was in high school, where I shyly introduced myself an dthen ran away when he responded. This time Marah and I said hi, chatted with him for awhile and bought several of his awesome sketchbooks. I even gave him a copy of Modest Medusa, which he seemed to like!

– My friend Rick Marcks draws a series called The Words. I already own the original three issues, but the series was re-worked into 4 issues with a lot of good art, and Rick’s a good enough illustrator that I went ahead and bought them again just to see what he did!

– I picked up a nice set of Urban Sketch journals from Kalina Wilson. These make me want to get a sketchbook and spend some quiet time around town!

– a very cool anthology from the Cloudscape Comics Society called 21 Journeys, with a Medusa sketch by John Dalton!

Plus a cool drawing that I’ll post later this week!