What a weird weekend. I finished this strip early last Thursday, but I decided I wanted to wait till Friday morning to post it (since new strips are released on Mondays and Fridays). But when I came into the studio on Friday morning I discovered that Lance Reddick had passed away, and I guess I just blanked out on posting the page. Instead I spent the day working on the illustration below. I didn’t realize I had missed posting until Saturday afternoon! So I decided to save the strip for Monday.

I’ve been a fan of Lance Reddick since Oz,  but I was especially fond of his Commander Zavala character in Destiny. I’ve played Destiny for nearly a decade (off and on) and have grown used to hearing his voice in the Tower and on mission comms. Reddick’s voice has become so familiar to me over the years that its hard to accept that he’s gone now. In fact, I like his voice so much that I always thought of him as the voice of Prince Dragul. When I write the Prince that’s the voice I hear in my head. Anyway the illustration above is Commander Zavala mentoring New Light Hunter. She’s a little young for active combat duty, but she shows a lot of potential!