– Whew. Super late! I’m not very social. You probably realized that. As a huge introvert I don’t go out much, especially since the pandemic. I’ve been trying to change that by scheduling a few gaming things every month. So I have a monthly Yeld game that I run, and I also play in a semi weekly Lancer game my brother runs. besides that, I get together with some friends every now and then to play board games. Those events usually happen on separate weekends but this weekend ALL THREE happened! And that was just A LOT for me! On top of that I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and some business on Friday, and on Sunday evening I suddenly got sick AGAIN (I swear I’ve been sick fully half of the last year).

Anyway, it was a hectic weekend. I didn’t get a chance to start on this strip till Monday night, and I only finished it now. Hopefully Friday’s strip will be easier.