Hi everyone. My name is Jake Richmond, creator of Modest Medusa! Starting this month I’m opening the Modest Medusa art archive and offering over 800 pages of original comic strips for sale!

For just $6 each!

For $6 (plus shipping) you’ll get an original Modest Medusa page, one of over 1000 that I’ve created and put online or in a book since I started the comic in 2011. This is a one of a kind piece of Modest Medusa history! Each 8.5 x 11 inch page is drawn by hand and includes hand written script and notes in pencil! Check out the example above!

How does it work? 

Step 1: Decide which pages you’d like! Look through the Modest Medusa site (or your copy of the Modest Medusa books) and decide which pages you’d like to own. Write down the page title or page number. You can find the page title by hovering your cursor over the art, or by checking the url bar in your browser (if you’re not sure about the name of the strip you’d like, just contact me at yeldstuff@gmail.com!) Important! The pages I’m offering for sale are regular 4 panel strips. If you’d like a full page strip or a strip taht ahs mor ethan the regular 4 panels please contact me about pricing BEFORE you order.

Step 2: Visit the store! Visit the Modest Medusa store and select the “Buy an Original Page” item in the “Original Page Sale section”.  In the pop-up window (pictured below) click “Add to cart” .

You can finalize your order on the Shopping Cart page. If you’d like to buy more than one original comic strip just increase your quantity here (pictured below). Please buy a bunch! Once you’re done shopping click on the checkout button to go to the checkout page!

On the Checkout Page fill out your address and CC information. Here’s the important part! Above the Place Order button you’ll find a text field that says “Add an additional note to merchant” (pictured below). This is where you’ll tell me which original pages you’d like me to send you! Write down the titles from step 1 before you click the Place Order button!

Step 3: Wait by the mailbox! Your new original Modest Medusa comic pages will arrive in about a week!


That seems too complicated! Can I just email you so you can help me figure this out? Yes! If you have any questions, or can’t figure out how to order please just send me an email at yeldstuff@gmail.com.

Can I pay through paypal? You can pay using Ko-Fi, which is a paypal service. Ko-Fi allows you to give artists like me $3 tips. So to place an order just make multiple tips. Remember, each page costs $6, and shipping is $6 flat. So if you’d like to buy 1 page just tip me 4 times (for a total of $12). For two pages, tip me 6 times. You can leave a message with you Ko-fi tip, so be sure to tell me which pages you’d like. Or just send me an email at yeldstuff@gmail.com and we’ll figure it out!

I’m from another country. How do I order? Contact me at yeldstuff@gmail.com for international shipping prices and ordering instructions.

Why are you selling your original art so cheap? Two answers! First, I want all Modest Medusa fans to be able to own a piece of Modest Medusa art, so offering the pages at a super affordable price makes that possible. Feel free to buy entire scenes and sequences! Second… I need money. As some of you know, I ran out of money to finish up The Magical land of Yeld Kickstarter project. The books are done and arriving in the US soon, but I don’t have enough money to ship them to backers. So right now I’m in the middle of selling a whole bunch of my belongings in order to pay that several thousand dollar shipping bill. Since I have hundreds of Medusa pages, selling them at a super affordable price makes sense. At just $6 each I’m hoping those of you who are interested will buy a bunch!

What pages are available? I’ve drawn nearly 1000 pages of Modest Medusa art, and about 800 of them are available (including pages only seen in the books). The pages I’m offering are the standard 4 panel pages. If you’re interested in one of the larger pages (or the first 15 pages, which were drawn on much larger paper) or longer strips you can contact me so we can discuss price. Its possible that a page you want might not be available, either because its already been sold, gifted, was lost or damaged. You can contact me before you place your order to make sure specific pages are available, or simply include your second preferences when you place your order (for example, letting me know that if page X isn’t available, you’ll take page Y instead). I’m offering pages a “first come, first served” basis. Contact me at yeldstuff@gmail.com!

What do the pages look like? Each Modest Medusa page is drawn on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of normal computer printer paper. These sheets have the panel borders and Modest Medusa title pre-printed on them.  The pages include 4 panels (sometimes just 3) of original art drawn in blue pencil and marker, with script and notes written in the margin in pencil. Some pages may have bent corners, small folds or minor damage. Here’s a few examples: Example page 1, Example page 2, Example page 3. The fuzzy grey areas seen in the examples are just shadows from the scanner.

How will the art be shipped: I’ll be shipping in stiff cardboard envelopes. Shipping cost is $6.